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Advertising consists of guitar and music information, plus information on products and services available from participating vendors, with focus on adult viewers. 

Information pertaining to music is found on the "MUSIC HOME" page, with links to a variety of Music Genres and more music continued on HOMEPAGE-2 and HOMEPAGE-3.
Music Reviews, samples and music downloads for various artists offered to those 
who wish to listen free, by clicking a link to a download site, with no sign-up to listen.
As we are welcoming music from new artists and bands, each review and sample link will be shown in the selected music genre category, marked: NEW!    
Our two Window Shopping Malls are the key areas for showing availability of vendor products. 
Offers of high-quality products from various, selected vendors are shown as display ads on our site Home pages and Window Shopping Malls. 
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              Guitar-N-Music Crossroads (GMC) is a subsidiary of

                 LauraBob Publishing Company.  A BMI Affiliate

          LauraBob Publishing Co. - 255 No. El Cielo Road #665 - Palm Springs, CA 92262

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