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N E W!
"BRIGHT LIGHTS SHINE" - The Buzz Clifford Band - Blues
When you want to go where the bright lights shine, Las Vegas comes to mind.  If that's too far away, check out Branson, MO, in mid-USA!  Buzz and his band give their all on this one, a blues tune for those seeking the lighter side of life!
Listen Free on CD "Bright Lights Shine" - Track #1
N E W!
"DIVE BOMBER" - The Buzz Clifford Band - Blues/Rock
Lookin for an uptempo kinda sound?  You found it, with a grabbin' vocal
backed up with hot guitar riffs!  Composed by Buzz himself, his band sure'nuff does it justice! A fully-packed blues/rock classic!
Listen Free on CD "Bright Lights Shine" - Track #12

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"CHRISTMAS IN LAS VEGAS" - Bald Bros Blues Band - Blues
Low Down, Funky Vocal.  Easy goin tune. Xmas in Las Vegas is somewhat cherry, but then, who's cheerful in Vegas at Xmas?  The Bald Bros, Don & Johnny, give a great story, so however you want your Christmas, you gotta listen to get their take on it, directly from their Cadillac!
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"MICROSOFT BLUES" - Bald Bros Blues Band - Blues
In this day of computers, it's good to know someone is singin' the blues , talkin' 'bout their LapTop, rather than finding solace in the bottom of a wine bottle. Yes, the Bald Blues Bros find it in their LapTop.  It's a kick in the ass! Click to listen, a worthwhile click!
Listen Free to CD "Double Header" - Track #2

This is a song with a Message..WAR, and how it affects mothers, especially, when their sons or daughters go overseas and put their lives in jeopardy.  Are they coming back?  Will the family get that ominous phone call? How long will these worries haunt her, as well as her husband and family?  Davis sings & plays the blues about it, but only for the message.  A tear-jerker for Moms, Dads and loved ones of all service men and women, worldwide. 

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Just like the title, you'll find 'Down & Dirty' blues guitar at it's ground-level BEST. Jan didn't have a care in the world with this fun effort and he don't mind if you like it or not!  So how'd ya like them apples?  Listen free at iTunes - CD "Jan Davis Guitar Legacy" - Song #10.

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